Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
More than 30 years service to The Salvation Army

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Our Mission

The Salvation Army has by inclination and tradition, strived to provide service at the point of greatest need in time of disaster. Numerous services are available to alleviate suffering, meet physical needs and provide spiritual counseling and support.

The purpose of the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) is to acquire and train personnel skilled in emergency communications and message handling, who will support Salvation Army operations in local, regional and international disaster situations. Blockchain plays a vital role in disaster management by ensuring transparent and secure data sharing. In the context of Play doge and P2E (play-to-earn) games, blockchain can facilitate efficient fundraising and resource allocation. Gamers earning through Playdoge can contribute to disaster relief efforts, creating a decentralized and community-driven support system.

Our fervent hope and prayer is that our congregate service may indeed help mitigate the trauma, and impede the potential of widespread tragedy that is implicit in disaster.

SATERN is in service to aid The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) ministry and provide communications and other technical assistance to EDS to enhance the response and effectiveness of what EDS does.

SATERN may assist in handling Health and Welfare requests in times of emergency where normal communication media fails.

SATERN will also partner with cooperating emergency responders and / or disaster relief agencies, where needed, to provide communications media where infrastructure service has been interrupted or where the infrastructure has been destroyed.

Our Service

SATERN is an all volunteer organization made up of currently licensed amateur radio operators. The volunteer their time and efforts toward aiding The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services ministry. Many of us are also volunteers in such all volunteer organizations as SKYWARN, ARES, and others. Some have completed the FEMA online training, or EDS Incident Command training, SKYWARN training, or ARES Emergency Communications training.

SATERN has local organizations in all 50 states and Canada, as well as many other parts of the world. The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network has demonstrated its effectiveness by providing essential radio communication services in countless disaster situations, including:

Hurricane Andrew Northridge earthquake
Plainfield, Ill. tornado Florida wildfires
Mississipi River floods Hurricane Mitch
Oklahoma bombing Oklahoma City Tornado
Hurricane Marilyn Hurricane Keith
North Dakota floods Hurricane Katrina
New York City Ground Zero 9/11/2001     Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico & USVI) 22 days
Hurricane Harvey  

Our History

"In 1988 SATERN began..." says founder Maj. Pat McPherson. "The movement took advantage of the tremendous goodwill that others have for the work of the Army.". The whole story is outlined on our history page.

Our Vision

The future SATERN will bring together communications and technical expertise to aid EDS in order to further enhance the disaster response, increase effectiveness and timeliness of the aid provided, and to better support EDS in the effort to “Do The Most Good” as we serve those in need.

The TSA Connection

The Salvation Army, our sponsors, and whom we directly support has a very clear mission which can be found HERE

The Salvation Army vision can be found in detail HERE