SATERN at 2002 Dayton Hamvention

Major Patrick McPherson WW9E
SATERN National Director

Rick Lindquist N1RL  ARRL Senior News Editor

Ellis N9EH and Tony KD1ZV take a break from buying more
toys.  Both are 18 wheel truck drivers and active on the

Bill Feist WB8BZH Twin Cities Disaster Director
Salvation Army disaster vehicle

Larry KA9FBI visits booth

Bill KG9QJ and Dave K9ZEN

SATERN forum participants
Back row left to right:
Kim Merril KB1GTR  SA WTC SATERN Volunteer
Steve Merril KB1DIG  SA WTC SATERN Volunteer
Bill Feist WB8BZH  Twin Cities Disaster Director
Carlos Varon K2LCV  (Volunteer Coordinator for NY SATERN WTC Operation)
Lt. Col. (Dr) Peter Schneider WA1PHS  General Medical Services Officer CAP

Front Row left to right
Peg McNary N9QT  Indiana SATERN Coordinator
Jeff Schneller N2HPO  NYC SATERN Amateur Radio Liaison Officer
Major Patrick McPherson WW9E  SATERN National Director
Tony Dacres AA8EI  SATERN Coordinator Ohio/Kentucky and Dayton Booth