The Office of the U.S. Secretary of State has announced a Person Finder tool available on their website at .  The tool was developed by the U.S. State Department, several NGO's (non-government organizations) and technical advisors.

I recommend that you instruct your receptionist(s) or employee(s) who answer the phone at your Corps or Service Center to be aware of this information and give it out to people who inquire about ways to contact loved ones in Haiti.

The U.S. State Department site lists the following resources:

 For Information About U.S. Citizens IN Haiti:

                E-Mail:        [email protected]
                Phone:        1.888.407.4747 (From the U.S. or Canada)
                                    1.202.501.4444  (From outside of the U.S. or Canada)

        For U.S. Citizens IN Haiti Seeking Assistance or Reporting Their Status / Location:

                E-Mail:       [email protected]
                Phone:       509.2229.8942

        The following information should be given by e-mail or phone:

                1.  The full name, date of birth and passport information (if known) of the person  being sought for.

                2.  Their contact information in Haiti (e.g. telephone numbers, e-mail address, hotel  name or address (if known)

                3.  Your name and contact information and your relationship to the person being sought.

                4.  Any special or emergency circumstances.

                5.  If, after leaving a message, you hear from the person being, sought, please update  the U.S. State Department by phone or e-mail.

        To seek information about citizens of other countries IN Haiti or to leave updated status information  about them, go to the Person Finder site at and follow the instructions there.

        There are no telephone numbers listed for citizens of other countries.

        According to the press release from the U.S. State Department, "It is a simple tool that allows people to  locate and contribute information on people in Haiti.  This tool is available in French and English and  can be embedded on any website.  In addition to helping people find their loved ones, this tool will make  the data accessible to other governments and private organizations in an easily manageable and
 accessible format."