Introduction and Seminar



The Riverside/San Bernardino Counties section of the Sierra Del Mar Division of SATERN presented an Introduction and Training Seminar on Saturday, January 30, 1999. 

Tony Stephen, KE6JZF, and the SATERN committee presented a fantastic program:

Salvation Army and Ham Radio in Disasters

Introduction to SATERN

The National Traffic System by Jerry VerDuft, AD0A

J-Poles -- how they work and how they're made.  by James Pike of "James Poles"




Jack Peterson, KF6DMM, kicked off the seminar by presenting the Introduction to SATERN session.

SATERN is an amateur radio group which has as its goals the development of communication personnel who will assist the Salvation Army during disaster response, the education of amateurs regarding the structure of the Army and the education of Salvation Army personnel regarding the potentials of amateur radio assistance.  This is accomplished primarily with a system of regular nets and other planned events geared to these purposes.

The purpose of the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) is to train and acquire personnel skilled in emergency communications and message handling who will support Salvation Army operations in local, regional and international disaster and emergency situations.

Jerry VerDuft, AD0A, Assistant Section Manger, Los Angeles Section, ARRL presented the Role of the National Traffic System (NTS) in Public Service Communications.

The NTS provides Public Service Communications which offer tactical, public emergency response along with  command and control.

In addition, NTS supports a formal message traffic system including Health and Welfare traffic and  personal third-party messages.




Mike Unfried, WB9MJQ, and the SATERN committee introduced a number of guests and speakers on Saturday, January 30, 1999.  Here, Mike introduces James Pike of James-Pole.




Major Fritz presented "The Salvation Army and Ham Radio in Disasters" and acted as a most gracious host.  His team and facility were outstanding and so were the Major's stories!




Special thanks to Boy Scout Troop 428 for manning the canteen and serving up a great lunch!