for S.A.T.E.R.N.

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network*

Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Section

Of the Sierra Del Mar Division


*A group of amateur radio operators (not a religious organization) who have volunteered to assist the Salvation Army with communications during disaster response


Meet and work with other hams, using your hobby to assist others in time of need

For an information package, please call or e-mail any of the following

Tony KE6JZF at (909)-628-2843, e-mail [email protected]

Jack KF6DMM at (909)-989-4559, e-mail [email protected]

Mike WB9MJQ at (909) 985-1341, e-mail [email protected]

Larry KF6LVE at (909) 845-9229, e-mail [email protected]

Nets (everyone welcome to check in)

--> Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Section VHF net Sundays

at 8:00 pm on 147.300 + pl 123.0


--> SATWEST HF net 40m 7.250 mHz Sat 9:00 am


--> National HF net 20m 14.265 kHz SSB 0700 Mon thru Fri; 0730 Sat


Visit our web site:   http://www.satern.org