SATERN: Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
Auxiliary Communications for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services
SATERN Net Status: Int. SSB Net: DELTA I –– Int. Digtal Net: DELTA I


High Frequency Radio Nets

SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) provides emrgency communications support to the Salvation Army wherever needed on site, at the local level, via VHF/UHF Nets. During wide-spread emergencies (hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, etc.), the 14265 kHz Net becomes emergency traffic and H&W Net providing tactical assistance to those on site and handling outgoing H&W messages. The 14265 kHz Net is generally on the air from 1200Z to approximately 0100Z during times of wide-spread emergency. Check this web site home page to determine the alert status of the SATERN Net. Delta Status is explained here.

See the table below for a list of International Nets

Check the top of any web site page to determine the alert status of the International SATERN SSB Net. Delta Status is explained here.
Each Salvation Army Territory  has one or more Territorial SATERN Nets (see below).  See a list of SATERN Territorial Nets here.
Many Divisions within those Territories have Divisional SATERN Nets. See a list of Divisional SATERN Nets here.

Locally or on-scene, SATERN uses either their own or other (ARES, etc.) VHF/UHF nets to provide communications support to the local Salvation Army IMAT (Incident Management Assistance Team). See a list of Local HF Nets used by SATERN here. And a list of local VHF nets here*

*The information provided for Divisional and Local SATERN Nets on is dependent upon information provided by Divisional or Local SATERN Coordinators. Not all Divisions or Local Units have SATERN Coordinators and, therefore, cannot guarantee perfect accuracy for these lists.

    We will provide a list of services provided by SATERN nets on this page.

Times remain the same (local time) when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends (Except Arizona and Hawaii)  

Regional Nets

International Nets
Net Name Frequency Net Starts Mode
International SSB Net 14.265 MHz USB 11:00 ET M-Sat. SSB
International Digital Net 14.066 MHzUSB ctr. 12:00 NOON CT Sat OLIVIA
Australia  7.100 MHz LSB 09:30 local (00:30z) Sun SSB
Territorial Nets
Eastern (coming soon)      
Central  7.265 MHz LSB 09:30 CT Sat SSB 
Southern  7.262 MHz LSB  10:00 CT Sat  SSB 
Western  TBD TBD  SSB 
Division Nets
Kansas & Missouri Digital  3.579.5 MHz USB  21:00 CT Tue PSK 
Kansas & Missouri Division   3.820   MHz LSB 20:30 CT Tue SSB 
Western Michigan Regional   3.820   MHz LSB 18:30 CT Thu SSB
Missouri  3.963   MHz  LSB 18:30 CT Tue SSB
Oklahoma  3.903   MHz  LSB  09:00 CT Daily SSB
Regional Nets
Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net  3.932   MHz LSB  20:30 ET daily SATERN Roundtable follows Mon. SSB 
Western Regional SATERN  3.977.7 Mhz LSB 21:00 MT Sunday (0400z) SSB


14.065 MHz USB 0000Z and 1600Z Alberta Week Daily - Digital Modes Net Info. 

Ontario SATERN IRLP Net Monday evenings at 21:00 Eastern. Reflector 9032


City/County State Day Net Time Frequency (MHz) EchoLink
Fort Smith AR Thursday 1930 CT 145.190 PL 114.8  
Riverside & San Bernadino CA Sunday 2000 PT 146.385+ PL 146.2  
Northern California CA Monday 2000 PT 147.060 PL 100.0  
Imperial & San Diego CA Thrusday 2030 PT 145.320 PL107.2  
Concord (Northern CA) SATERN Net CA Monday 2000 PT 147.060 + PL 100 (2) 
Chicago/Cook IL Tuesday 2000 CT 146.760 PL 107.2 WA9ORC-R
Kansas City Metro Area KS/MO Tuesday 1930 CT 145.13  
Central Louisiana LA Friday 1800 CT 147.33  
Boston MA Friday 2100 ET 145.230 PL 88.5  
Metro Detroit MI Monday 1900 ET 147.18 PL 100  
  MI Monday 2100 ET 145.330 PL 100.0  
WMNI SATERN Net MI/IN Wednesday 19:00 ET  linked repeaters WX8BOB-L and W8IRA IRLP
Missouri  (Taum Saulk) MO Sunday 2000 CT 146.835 PL 100.0  
Potosi Missouri  (Taum Saulk) MO Sunday 2000 CT 147.195 PL 100.0  
Lincoln NE Tuesday 21:30 CT 146.76 K0KVV  
Ashland NE Thursday 21:30 CT 145.31 K0ASH  
New Jersey/New York NJ/NY Tuesday 2030 ET 449.975 PL 114.3 W2NJR-R  (1)
Cleveland - NE Ohio OH Tuesday 1900 ET 146.820 PL 110.9  
Richland County OH Monday 1100 ET 146.94 PL 71.9 Repeater
  OH Thursday 1900 ET 146.94 PL 71.9 Repeater
Pittsburgh PA Tuesday 2000 ET 146.610 or 146.955  
Rhode Island RI Thursday 2000 ET 147.330 PL 88.5 W1AQ-R (4)
North Texas TX Wednesday 1930 CT 146.82 PL 100.0 N5IUF-R (3)
Wisconsin/Upper Michigan WI 3rd Thursday 19:30 CT linked repeaters Contact Scott Ruesch - KD9FYP


(1) &ndash Linked repeater system of W2NJR consisting of 8 UHF/VHF repeaters linked across NJ into PA, DE and NY. For more information click here
(2) – Lnkd to 224.780 & 441.325 + PL 100   EchoLink W6CX-R 133896, IRLP: 3057*nbsp;  See the info at:
(3) – This repeater is a linked system covering a large part of Texas -  the SW Lynx system: 
(4) Contact [email protected]