SATERN: Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
Auxiliary Communications for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services
SATERN Net Status: Int. SSB Net: DELTA I –– Int. Digtal Net: DELTA I

Net Preamble


CQ the SATERN net, CQ the SATERN net, The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network net.

This net meets daily, except Sunday, on or about 14.265 MHz at 1500 UTC. The purpose of the net is to establish a pool of trained
operators for emergency communications that will benefit the Salvation Army's disaster response.

Your net control for today's session is __________ and I am located in ____________.

This is a directed net. All communications will go through the net control station.

The net will now stand by for any emergency, priority or time value traffic.
                             Pause - (If any, handle promptly)

The net will now stand by for any mobile or QRP stations with or without traffic.
                              Pause - (handle any traffic)

The net will now stand by for general check-ins. Please use full call signs.The use of phonetics is strongly encouraged.
If you have traffic for the net, just say the word "traffic" and I will get your traffic when acknowledging your check-in.

                                     Conduct the net

     Acknowledge check-ins promptly using full call signs.  If anyone has
     traffic, list the traffic and handle it as expeditiously as possible.

     Try to give a net call and identify the net often, at least every ten minutes;
     however, more often is preferable.  You are required by law to identify your 
     station every ten minutes.

     Pause between calls to allow breakers to be heard.

     When you turn over control to an assisting station, you relinquish control
     until control has been returned.  Do not jump in and take it as if you still 
     have control.

     When all of the business of the net has been completed, secure the net.

To secure the net, simply say: This is ___________, net control for the SATERN
Net. I am now securing this net and returning the frequency to regular amateur use.

This is _________ clear.