SATERN: Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
Auxiliary Communications for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services
SATERN Net Status: Int. SSB Net: DELTA I –– Int. Digtal Net: DELTA I

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Signing up for SATERN means you are a licensed amateur radio operator and you are volunteering for service to The Salvation Army Emergency Services program. You will be asked to fill out a form that will enter that data into the National EDS Database. If you are a licensed amateur radio operator who wishes to be a SATERN volunteer, please be sure to check the SATERN box.

This database will be used by EDS and SATERN to find needed volunteers who will be willing to deploy or work for EDS in times of emergency. If you indicate you can go on site for an active disaster, you may be called on to deploy to an active disaster site. If you have indicated you would like to help but cannot be deployed for some reason (like age, health, transportation, etc.) your name will be used to build a network of capable operators to support the EDS effort. Your help is always appreciated, so if you can volunteer, please sign up now.

The Salvation Army and EDS do not use your information for any other purpose than stated. We do not use the information for fund raising or to give to anyone else. Your private information is secure.

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